IKEA's products are made according to 5 wonderful design principles,
that no one knows about, called "Democratic Design". 

As part of the 2017 catalogue launch, we had to get
Malaysians, Singaporeans and the Thais to understand this a little better.

The campaign began with a Facebook post announcing the new catalogue.


Then we launched with three videos, each one explaining one aspect of Democratic Design.
This is STUVA. She grows with your kids.

This is BILLY. The world's most popular bookcase, who would like you to please, please, take him home.

And this is POÄNG. The best place in the world is between her arms.


The campaign continued with a comic book on Canvas and a BILLY chatbot.


Creative Directors: Maurice Wee, Tinus Strydom, Peter Callaghan
Copywriter: KC Hong,
Art Director: Marcus Yuen
Director: Rong
Music: Fuse